I’ve Got A Funny Feeling About This…

I’ve Got A Funny Feeling About This…

Intuition.  What is it? Well, the dictionary will tell you it’s “the direct perception of truth/fact without the inference or use of reason.”

To me it goes deeper than this, and it’s something we all should learn to tune into…

While sipping on my yogi tea at work yesterday morning I looked down at my daily affirmation and it read:

develop your intuition.”

This made stop and think, that niggling feeling you get in your stomach when you just know something is not right or something is just so right you can’t deny it; when’s the last time I actually trusted that instinct and followed my intuition?

According to instinct researcher Dr Marta Sinclair from Griffith University (Australia), most people naturally have intuitive qualities. “They receive messages through different channels. Some hear a voice, feel a strange physical sensation or have a funny taste in their mouth,” she says.

Yogi Bear

Connecting with my inner yogi goddess in Bali on our honeymoon recently…

It’s about letting your whole mind, body and heart connect in unity and listening out for your body’s signals.  You need your conscious mind to be passive and allow your intuitive mind to awaken and be heard. Sounds easier than it is!

In this world filled with distractions, a busy mentality and fast-paced environment we can forget to take a second to just tune into our body and let it communicate with us. So how do you get more in-tune with those “gut-feelings” or sixth senses?

You need to be in a relaxed state of mind. Some of the best ways I find to tune into my own body is through yoga, meditation, walking and listening to relaxing tunes.

Peace & Love,

Mrs T xxx

What’s your favourite form of relaxation?