My green rainbow of goodness…

My green rainbow of goodness…

Do you spend time gardening?

I by no means would say I have a green thumb. In fact, rewind 10 years and I couldn’t keep a cactus alive (true story!)

Things changed though after Mr P and I bought our own little teepee love shack three years ago… We started to landscape our gardens and invest some love into our own green paradise. Three years later we’ve grown a mini-jungle teaming with wildlife and a veggie patch that’s blooming with an array of tasty treats…

It’s therapeutic and great for your health. Pottering in the sunshine, surrounded by nature is just what you need to keep endorphin levels on the rise and stress levels on the down-low. Plus you get a killer workout squatting and weeding!


green rainbow of goodness

green rainbow of goodness

I’ve always believed that plants that are grown in a garden should be edible and provide not just aesthetic value but nourishment to the home. In fact, one day I hope to live on a fully self-sustainable mini-farm with large veggie patches, our little furry border collie babies, chickens running around, a shetland pony (cause they’re bad ass and miniature) and an alpaca¬†(who wouldn’t want an alpaca!? They’re supposed to bring happiness out in people)

Our veggie patch has been cleverly¬†designed by Mr P to not only provide us with delicious plant food, but also to be a feature piece when you first walk into our home. It’s a green rainbow of goodness, over-flowing with Italian basil, Thai basil, chillies, broccolini, red kale, pesky mint, spring onions, coriander, parsley and more!

We can’t keep up with the basil that is growing faster than we can eat it!! I feel a mean pesto creation coming up! Stay tuned and I’ll share my recipe with you in the following weeks…

Peace & Love,

Mrs T xxx

What has your experience been growing an edible garden?