Set Your Intentions And The Rest Will Follow…

Set Your Intentions And The Rest Will Follow…

Do you ever set intentions when you are about to embark on something?

It’s amazing how much more reward, satisfaction and depth you can achieve if you take a few moments to focus on what you are wanting to achieve from something.

What do I mean?

Here’s an example…

Before every yoga practise, I will prepare my body in savasana and take a few moments to tune into how I’m feeling and set my intentions for the class. What do I want to achieve from this session? Is it relaxation, flexibility, to push my body to new limits or to just be at peace with my mind?

If I set my intention to be flexibility, I will often reflect back on the end of class and reward myself for pushing my lengthening exercises and poses that extra bit further to achieve the new levels of limberness I was intent on achieving. If I don’t achieve them, that’s ok. I might have set intentions that weren’t in-tune with my body.

This doesn’t just go for yoga. This applies to everything in life.

Wayne Dyer intention quote

When you set your intentions, the law of attraction will lead you to your path. If you are constantly focusing on negative thoughts and bad situations in life, you are going to attract those types of events and emotions to happen. Whereas if you are focused on positive situations and ideals, you are going to attract good things to happen to you.

Ever notice how when you feel like things couldn’t get any worse, they often do? Law of attraction baby! Focus on the good and good will come.

Set your mind to be open, calm and clear and you will create and see the opportunities that will get you where you want to be.

Remember, if you believe it, you attract it. This doesn’t mean that if you just sit in a room and picture something happening every day and “poof” it will magically happen. Intention is not a genie’s lamp! You still need to take action and be determined, but by keeping a clear focus on the achievements you want to gain, you will see those open doors and paths that lead you to the success you are ready and willing to achieve.

Keep your thoughts pure, honest and kind, and the universe will be kind in return…

Peace & Love,

Mrs T xxx

Have you ever set intentions and seen them become reality?