Make someone’s day…

Make someone’s day…

Happy weekend beautiful souls!

Small kind words in my yoga practise made my day!

A lovely lady (let’s call her Mrs J) turned to me at the end of class this morning and said “how long have you been practising yoga for? Because you were amazing and such an inspiration to me”.

Mrs J was a complete stranger to me, and didn’t owe me anything to share her thoughts, but went past the barriers of being complete strangers to share this compliment with me. I in turn gave her kinds words of encouragement and had a lovely chat with her about what has brought her to practise yoga and focus on those goals, and she’ll soon find herself where she wants to be!

The reason I’m sharing this little story is that it has brought things back to light for me that a few kinds words are all it takes to brighten up someone’s day.

superfood goodness post-yoga this morning

superfood goodness post-yoga this morning

Sometimes we are so busy “living” our own lives that we forget to check into the world and notice those around us. Whether it’s friends, family or complete strangers.

My aim for today is to pay forward the kindness and share some positive words with a complete stranger to hopefully add a little sunshine to their day.

I welcome you, next time you notice yourself having kind thoughts about a stranger, not to be afraid to share it… (I dare you!)

You might just make their day…


Peace & Love,

Mrs T xxx

What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to a complete stranger?