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Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savoury Pancake) Recipe

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savoury Pancake) Recipe

Hi Beauties!

Recently I’ve been having cravings for Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savoury Pancakes) and I just can’t get enough of them. The simple flavours of the cabbage filled pancake mixed with the okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayo is a serious delight for the taste buds!

Last night I had an awesome Okonomiyaki at a night market, and it made me wonder how hard it could be to whip these babies up at home.

A few google searches later, and a rummage through the fridge, I realised I had all the things I needed already to create this little savoury delight at home.

After creating this dish, I was excited to discover that…

Teepee Love Veggie Dumplings (Recipe)

Teepee Love Veggie Dumplings (Recipe)

Hi Veggie Vixens!

I get a lot of requests to share some of my homemade creations, so this week I thought I’d share one of my all-time favourite winter warmer recipes.

Living in Japan for 6 years of my life, I have grown to have a big appreciation for Asian cuisine, and find myself cooking it when I want a comfort meal that reminds me of childhood.

This dumpling recipe is super simple to create and filled with lots of veggie goodness!

I usually just grab what ever veggies I have in the fridge and go from there, but below is one of my favourite veggie combos.