You’re only human…or so you think!

While on my morning walk with little Miss Evie this morning I discovered an interesting fact from the podcast I was listening to…

You’re only 10% human! You have 10 times more bacterial DNA than human DNA in your body. That’s right you’re a walking petri dish! Your body is just made up of cells providing luxury accommodation for all the little critters in your body.

That’s why it’s important to make love not war with your little microbe friends. Damaging intruders like the contraceptive pill, antibiotics and highly acidic foods can send your little microbe friends packing their bags and taking the next shuttle out of your body.

I give my insides an internal hug everyday with a serve of the good old sauerkraut (must be my German heritage) or some kombucha from my buchi mumma (lovingly known as Mumma Scobe).

In one of my next posts I’ll introduce you to Mumma Scobe and all the wonderful goodness that she provides me. I’ll even share a little recipe and how I look after my buchi mumma to keep her nice and healthy.

Byron Bay Sauerkraut

My favourite flavour of the month! Peace Love is Krautastic!

Just a little note. If you’re new to the world of probiotic foods, take it easy! Although a large dose of probiotics is probably just what your body needs, you’ll want to slowly introduce your little microbe friends back into your body. Everybody loves to be wined and dined, including your happy gut minions.

Soon enough you’ll have a love-fest inside your gut!

Peace & Love,

Mrs T xxx

How are you showing your gut some love every day?